For its fall 2021 collection, Gucci collaborated with Balenciaga — a clash of the titans — and people went wild. GQ said that the collection was an industry turning point that would be talked about for years, but others, like me, were less inspired. Writer Max Larkin might have said it best: “I do think it’s interesting that, having exhausted all other cultural products, fashion houses are left with no choice but to collaborate with each other.”

I saw the clothes and they were fine. Beautiful gowns, etc. Since Alessandro Michele took over in 2015, Gucci has become known for…

The first time I ever heard “Dancing On My Own” was during the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. Robyn had been hired as a house artist, which meant she was allotted a fraction of screen time in between commercial breaks as sort of an intermission entertainer for those in attendance. Even now, the only evidence of this performance exists in a few blurry fan-uploaded videos on YouTube.

I’m in the corner / Watching you kiss her,” she pleaded to the crowd, introducing the world to what might just be one of the greatest choruses ever written. The song was a…

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Lizzie Grubman — celebrity publicist and event planner — was a New York legend. The daughter of high-power entertainment lawyer Allen Grubman, who repped Madonna, Elton John, and Bruce Springsteen, she was practically bred into the city’s notorious glitterati.

Grubman was never a model student and dropped out of Northeastern University after only a semester. In 1996, she started her namesake PR firm from her own home and two years later was featured on the cover of New York Magazine which named her the “reigning queen of New York nightlife.” (Susanne Bartsch who?)

In the story, writer Vanessa Grigoriadis describes…

Ten years ago, a star was born when Lady Gaga bled to death during a haunting rendition of her then-recent single “Paparazzi.” Save for one unscripted confrontation between a drunk rapper and a 20-year-old country singer (you know the one), her stirring performance was the highlight of the MTV VMAs, which people still cared about because it was 2009 and pop culture hadn’t died yet.

At this point, Gaga had just released her first album, The Fame, and amassed two international №1 hits with “Just Dance” and “Poker Face.” Not too bad for a 23-year old NYU dropout. But while…

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Rob is a writer living in New York City.

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